To continue the progress of the past several years on addressing homelessness, the Utah legislature has passed a bill (HB441) that clarifies a plan to build two homeless resource centers in Salt Lake City and one outside of Salt Lake City and to establish a date to close the emergency shelter on Rio Grande Street.

Salt Lake City has already identified two sites and has held information sessions.

The legislation requires a site selection for a third site by March 30, 2017. It also provides $10.6 million in one-time funds and an additional $250,000 in on-going funds, to design, build, create or renovate a facility.

Salt Lake County is assisting with the requirements by:

  • Establishing a site evaluation committee to review possible sites and consider public input on them.
  • Helping to hold public meetings where community members can provide input.
  • Providing information about the criteria for choosing a site as well as an explanation of how a homeless resource center differs from existing emergency shelter.

Please check this website for information about proposed site locations, the calendar with times, dates and places for public meetings and other details.

Salt Lake County's work over the last three years to reform homeless services is based on the determination that we cannot just react to problems any longer.

We seek sustainable solutions that will work to improve the services system as a whole. The selection of a site for a third homeless resource center outside of Salt Lake City, is a critical first step towards our goal of safe, welcoming, prosperous communities and measurably better lives for those in need.

Read Mayor McAdams' recommendation letter here.